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Human Resource Consulting

People are the most important asset of almost all New Zealand businesses so it makes sense for employers to get it right when it comes to looking after them.

People are the most important asset of almost all New Zealand businesses so it makes sense for employers to get it right when it comes to looking after them.  HR & Dispute Solutions offer tailor made services to help all employers with their HR.  We offer both ongoing HR consultancy and one-off HR project work.  Our HR experts are not only specialists in the HR area, but also have an abundance of real-world business experience – this means that while we are creating HR policies and procedures to get you the best results from your people, we are always aware of the reason you’re in business.  We can create and implement appraisal processes, recruitment and induction procedures, job descriptions, employment agreements, performance management, investigatory and disciplinary procedures, restructures and rosters.

Whether you have a small business and want to make sure you cross all your ‘T’s’ and dot all your ‘I’s’, you have a medium business and have a definite need for some HR focus, but don’t have the budget or space for a full time HR Manager or a larger business where your existing HR department requires some specialist back-up we can assist.

We can come in and help you with a one-off requirement or we can take over the roll of HR Manager without the risk or the expense.

Some examples of areas where we can assist employers are:

Contact us for any issues or assistance you require to ensure you are covered and compliant under the complex area of Employment Law

Personal Grievances

If you are an employer and are facing a personal grievance accusation or an employee and feel you have a grievance, we can assist as your advocate.  We have a lot of experience in this area and, unlike a lawyer, will strive for a timely win-win outcome.  If it is necessary to attend mediation or the Employment Authority, statistics show that representation has an impact on keeping employer’s costs down and employee’s awards up[1].

Development of Contracts

HR & Dispute Solutions can take care of all of your contract requirements.  With experience with all types of contracts, we can ensure your risks are reduced and you are protected against many common disputes arising from poorly written contracts. If you are an employer you must have an employment agreement ready for any new person you employ. HR & dispute solutions can help with these agreements.

If you are an employee and have received an agreement and would like to have it checked to make sure there are no fishhooks you don’t understand HR & Dispute Solutions can help explain these to you.

Negotiating Terms of Employment

If you are looking at a new employee or at a prospective position, we can assist in the negotiation process.  We are experts in employment law and have years of experience of negotiating employee terms. The Employment Relations Act 2000 makes it compulsory to offer a person an employment agreement if they are not part of a union and give them the opportunity to consult a professional employment specialist to ensure there are no matters in the agreement that could cause them concern.

1. Workplace Policy Research and Evaluation, June 2007

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