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Employment Advocacy


If you are an employer and are facing a personal grievance accusation or have a particular issue with an employee we can assist as your advocate.  We have a lot of experience in this area and, unlike many law firms, will strive for a timely win-win outcome.  If it is necessary to attend mediation or the Employment Relations Authority, statistics show that representation has an impact on keeping employer’s costs down.

When you contact HR & Dispute Solutions, the initial consultation is FREE and we will let you know what our initial recommendations are and how we can be of assistance.


If you are an employee and believe you may have grounds for a personal grievance or have a situation at work which you believe you may need some assistance with, contact HR & Dispute Solutions for an initial FREE consultation.  If you are facing a disciplinary situation or have a personal grievance the assistance of a support person helps you to ensure you say exactly what you need to say and get the best results possible for you in your particular situation.  If you wish to take the matter further to mediation or the Employment Relations Authority the process can be greatly assisted by having a person who is familiar with these processes.

The grounds for a personal grievance are spelt out in the Employment Relations Act 2000 but consist of constructive dismissal, unjustified dismissal or disadvantage.

Interpretation of Contracts

If you have been given a contract to sign, it is always recommended that you seek advice to ensure you have a full understanding of your legal requirements upon signing.  We can assist to clarify the contents and, if required, suggest and request changes to any conditions you feel should be amended.

Negotiating Terms of Employment

If you are looking at a new position, we can assist in the negotiation process.  We are experts in employment law and have years of experience of negotiating employee terms. The Employment Relations Act 2000 makes it compulsory to offer a person an employment agreement if they are not part of a union and give them the opportunity to consult a professional employment specialist to ensure there are no matters in the agreement that could cause them concern
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